Castles in the Sky

If you did not get the chance to check out this movie, you absolutely must when it comes out on DVD. It pretty much takes the surfing from Sipping Jetstreams and amplifies it 10 times. Seriously amazing movie.

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Castles in the Sky

Taylor Steele’s new movie is premiering tonight at La Paloma Theater in Encinitas!

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La Jolla and Newport, Summer is here!

La Jolla and Newport, Summer is here!

These last few days we had an great little southwester that decided

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beginning of summer – teaser

Ok, I know that many of you out there are frothing to see the shots from the last two days…they will be up tomorrow night. Until then, enjoy this “peek” courtesy of a little point that I know of.

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Ilford Nostalgia

I came across these contact sheets from my community college class 5 years ago. Thought I would share them. They are from one of many trips that I took to visit my dad when he lived in Santa Cruz. The studio is that of Joel Maggen of Santa Cruz Pottery whom my dad worked for while living there, my nephew Tristan also makes an appearance. And of course some surf at the Lane. Good times. Happy Earth Day Earth.

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Sanctus Patricius

Across the sea will come Adze-head crazed in the head
His cloak with hole for the head, his stick bent in the head
He will chant impieties from a table in the front of his house
All his people will answer: “so be it, so be it.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. It was a bit on the inconsistent side, but when the waves did roll through they weren’t half bad.

My session favorite, Henry almost didn’t make the drop on this but snapped under the lip just in time, nice one!

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Valentine’s and Washington’s

I don’t have too much to say…I am exhausted from swimming three sessions in two days and dodging 10-12 foot waves. So here is the deal, the gallery to purchase pictures is available by clicking here or by the BUY PRINTS tab at the top of the page. This post has my top 30 pics from the sessions so even if you don’t see your mug here, it is most likely in the gallery for purchase and viewing so be sure to check them all out (almost 200 of them)!

Jimmy, this is one of my all time favorite barrel shots I have taken! Great wave man!

Jaded locals…

Where’s Wardo?…

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Epic Weekend!

COMING SOON! This weekend has been insane…tomorrow I will post some of my favorite shots + a gallery of purchasable images from all the sessions with all the pictures. Check back at 2pm tomorrow…but enjoy the preview!


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New Waves Portfolio

I am happy to let you know that I have updated my Waves Portfolio and prints are now available by clicking here! These are my absolute favorite shots of mostly empty waves that I have shot over the last year in Mexico, Hawaii, and California. They would look great anywhere (try the metallic finish – it is incredible!)! Keep checking back this weekend as the forecasts are predicting another (and probably last) monster swell!

Shot like this are now available in sizes up to 24×36!

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Stiff hair and dust on my clothes, that’s all I had to declare. Well maybe I should also declare that I had some of the best surf of my life. The last 4 days have been a mayhem of search and destroy…waves that is. With military precision my friends Dan and Matt and I (along with the San Clemente crew) quietly slipped below the border line to surf waves comparable on the epic-meter to that of Homer’s Odyssey. Wylie veterans, who have logged in hundreds of Baja excursions, whispered things like, “all time” and “world class,” somehow we were blessed to partake of these peninsular nirvanas strung along the Mexican desert. So, after 4 days of sensory overload from countless hacks and 250 yard point breaks resulting in too many walks from the beach back to the point for another paddle out, I sit; a 9 year old at the end of Christmas day, I am done for. My shower would declare that it has a ring of grit and dirt around the drain and that my hair has finally been tamed.

Be sure to click on the “Buy Prints,” there’s more there too!

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I’m going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali…

So here it is Tuesday, and I hope all enjoyed a marvelous Christmas. I was in Sacramento…far from the sea…but enjoying tidings of good will and joy from my kindred ones. And yet returned to Southern California at a fortuitous time to be blessed by a wonderful gift from the North Pacific…clean swell as far as the eye can see. I love winter! On a side note, all postings unless otherwise noted, will be available under the “Buy Prints” section of the site including shots not posted on the Blog so be sure to check there if for shots if you are so inclined, they will be listed by location and date shot. (This portion is run through my wife and I’s portraiture/wedding/whatever photo site, dna wylie photography, so don’t be scared) Also available are some select images that were requested from the sessions earlier this month, around the 10th I think – you know who you are! Those are in their own folder! Enjoy.

Let’s start things of right with a slideshow of a brilliant backside barrel by Cody Brady.

I love this wave…

He does too!

Mutants among us.

With no locals out, it kind of became a super grom session.

…which would explain these antics!


Otro vez!

So my favorite surf movie of all time, A Broke Down Melody, has this extra footage in the bonus material called “Look at What the Light Did Now,” which is exactly what I dub this and the next few shots.

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Sunset and Pipeline

New Northwest swell is filling in on the heals of a funky Northeast one. Great conditions here on the North Shore…enjoy the shots!

Nathan Fletcher



Maya Gabiera

Sunny Garcia pulls a huge bottom turn.

Once I got out of the water it was over to Pipeline…it was very inconsistent and not what I had hoped for so I got some land shots. The pics are a little deceiving as these were just about the only good waves that came through in the 2 hours I was there!

The old man and the sea…

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Swell has backed off and winds are up…junky conditions here on the North Shore. I am not too disappointed though because the port is getting fixed and hopefully sent back today so I can’t get in the water anyways. I was able to pick up a replacement camera in town so I am able to shoot with my zoom, but that land stuff is for the birds if you ask me. So for this post I thought I would share some shots from before the housing broke and from my trip to town to pick up the camera.

Bruce Irons

Kamehameha Hwy

My favorite burger joint anywhere, hands down, Teddy’s.

Sunrise from Diamond Head.

Waiola General Store has the best shave ice!

Seared Ahi with Papaya Salsa – worth the special trip to North Shore Grinds in Palolo.



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It Finally Happened…

Yep, I busted the housing…drowned the camera and sunk the lens. I have two (hopefully three) pieces of good news though. 1)The memory card was functional after I clambered out of the water 2) Only a portion of the housing busted so I don’t have to replace the whole thing. Hopefully it will be repaired and back in my hands by Saturday – we shall see. It happened like this. I spent the morning shooting Backdoor at about 5-6 feet Hawaiian style and was feeling very comfortable. Somehow I got a little too far inside and a larger rogue wave came in and when I went to dive under it, there was only about 3 feet of water over the reef. It ripped the buckle of my helmet, smashed my elbow and shoulder, and of course smashed the housing. The weird thing is that my helmet came off but after I hit my head against the reef, there is a gash on the back of the helmet that would have been on my skull. Guess I will be shooting from land for the next few days…I was able to pick up a replacement body which will be reimbursed by insurance. Fun times on the island! Shots were almost worth this headache!

This one is for the wife so she knows I am wearing my helmet! (which actually saved my a trip to the hospital today)

Good Morning…

This is the view to Pipeline proper

Dave Rasatavich

Probably the best shot I have come away with this trip – love it.

No it’s not a piece of abstract art, my palm covering the hole in the dome port before the water inside fryed it all.

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Hawaii Tuesday

I am exhausted after a day of shooting and swimming, but I think that I came away with some winners. The Billabong Pipe Masters semi-finals and finals ran today, there was some great surfing. I snuck in a session at Off the Wall during the semis and then shot from land during the final between Taj and Kelly. The waves actually were pretty junky by then though. Enjoy.




OTW – Dustin Barca

OTW – My favorite shot thus far from the trip!

Two frames later – so clear da water!

Kelly Slater and Jerry Lopez surfed a heat together…really good vibes.

Jamie O’brian

Bruce Irons during the expression session…never seen anyone fly this high before.

Taj in the final.

Kelly in the final.

Then for the evening session I took a step back and used the 50 mm for some shots from the channel at Pipeline.

Someone’s sneaking out the backdoor…

I’m not sure what the conditions are going to be like for the next few days…if there is surf to be shot, I will shoot it and it will be posted.

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N. Shore

Hello all. I have made it! Got a lickin’ at Pipe this evening, figured out the currents there the hard way! Anyhow, no shots at the moment, they will be on tomorrow. Looks like the Pipe Masters Semi Finals and Finals will be tomorrow!

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The Swell Hits

The forecast called from rain. We got beautiful back lighting with not a cloud in the sky. This one was a “super sess”, big thanks to all the guys out there charging hard! One of the shots of Johnny Noris made it to Surfline’s Welcome to Winter swell story!

The afternoon started off with bodyboarders…

…but the lineup switched to surfers once things started looking better. Johnny Noris 1/3



Danny Connor…I thought water only got this clear on remote tropical islands.

Why grab rail? Johnny Noris.

This is Johnny Noris again, pushing through a chandeliering section with the poise and majesty of a Liger.These next two are my favorites from the sequence above.

The amazing thing was that the next wave of the set was just as incredible as Eric Vanstrum demonstrates.

So shacked you can only see his board!


Thanks again for all who were out there pulling into some truly epic barrels! North Shore on Monday!

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The Rock

I think that I found the only sliver of good weather in all of Southern California. After the gnarly storm rolled through this week, today it cleared up from about 11 am on, so that’s when I was in the water. Surfline called it a 6-10 ft. swell, felt that big, I definitely had my hands full dodging some bombs.


Cute little barrel.

Russell Fawley.

I like the lip on the far right in this shot…Tyler Eick.

Check out the fins locked in the wave on this above/under shot, Tyler Eick

Session favorite! Jared Cassidy.

The big waves swinging wide gave me the opportunity to get some shots from the inside and behind – Unknown.


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Count Down to Hawaii

It’s official, I am off to Hawaii next Monday (14th)! So keep checking in on me as I am posting shots from my sessions on the North Shore!

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Back in the Water

I was out of town for the holiday and made it back in time to sneak in a session at my favorite slab. Unfortunately for us San Dieganites, the weather turned and ruined this wonderful swell we had, these shots are from the just before the storm turned everything to blown out mush.

By far the heaviest wave of the session, this picture does not do it justice. I had to swim as hard as I could to make it past this beast.

This is me!

Yes, I got smashed hanging out on the inside in 3 ft. of water taking this shot of Johnny pulling in backside/airdrop, I think it was worth it…

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So this last weekend I was fortunate enough to be part of Illumination. This art show featured performances from dance groups, musicians, poetry readings…and of course multiple art forms including paintings and photography. The music of Dr. Seahorse was a highlight for me! Four pieces of mine were on display two of which were for auction. They brought in a combined total of over $300 for a Children’s home in Uganda. It was a really great event with a great purpose. Over 200 children became sponsored through Flood Church’s partnership with Children of the Nation. Enjoy the shots.

The Dark Waters fan club was in full force! My lovely wife, Nicolle, and Esther.


Dr. Seahorse…lens flare happy.


Ash checks out the art.

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This Saturday, Nov. 21, four of my pieces will be shown at the Illumination Art show in Downtown San Diego! I am really excited as I got to print two of them at 24″x36″ which is the biggest that I have ever made my shots. They look incredible thanks to the magicians at Chrome. So stop by, my wife and I will be cruising around checking out all the artists that are there. All the proceeds from the event go towards a children’s home in Uganda, Africa, so come and show your support!

Just one of the shots that will be at the show and apparently for auction! Haha, I just found that out! Gravy.

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South County Still Going Off!

Even this last Monday, as my collegiate studies where calling to me, I could not pass up the opportunity to shoot some of the remaining swell. With clear skies and slight off shores, it was still an incredible morning! Check it out…

A rare empty slides by not unnoticed.

Uh…you’ve got some real big rights.

Sufficiently slotted.

Still slotted…

Another empty that I have been mind surfing for over 24 hours now, feel free to do the same!

And yet another swell is forecasted for this weekend…It’s gonna be some sort of winter.

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I’m On Surfline!

The shot from my previous post of Jojo Roper is now featured in one of Surfline’s “Swell Stories”! Check it out at!

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Swell baby yeah…

We finally got it good down here in SD with some amazing waves pouring in all over the county thanks to a clean NW groundswell. There were green rooms a plenty. I snuck in a surf sess at my favorite beach break early Saturday as it was too cloudy to shoot, but I had my vengeance against the cumulus and stratus gods when I shot the best reef in the area Sunday night. Check out the mentality exhibited by Golden Depesa mining some turquoise in backlit perfection from the slideshow! The last frame is my favorite.

Ryan Burk

Sterling Smith

Sterling Smith goes sub-aquatic…dry reef anyone?

I love back lighting…

My favorite shot of the session, Ryan Burk goes deep. I like how the sun is bouncing around the light in the barrel.

I have no idea what this is. It reminds me of Pink Floyd song though.

Jojo Roper, charges hardest out there always.

Another Golden moment…peace on Earth.

Crisp and clean…and backbreakingly hollow.

Sterling Smith gets a room with a sunset view.

Barrels o’plenty.

I dig this view and the reflections of the shoreline on the face of the wave.

Slip slidin’ away.

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Last evening I decided to forgo the housing and actually shot from shore. It was airs and tubes all session long. John Haffey (see this months Surfer guest editor Joel Tudor) showed up and I got some slow shutter shots of him and his amazingly smooth style, seriously, so inspiring. Whether you longboard or not, it is so evident that he oozes style. Enjoy!

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Wednesday Part II

After an insane morning of barrels (see previous post!!!), I took care of business and went to my only class of the day…but I did manage to pull in a few shots later in the day just as the sun was going down over La Jolla.

I’m still working on nailing one of these shots…this one came out alright though.

I love the purity of the surfing experience. Until the next set rolls through, I leave you with this one that reminds me what wave riding is all about.

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Good Morning!

SD “secret” spot…It was so good!

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If you are like me, you were a little bit disappointed by the over hyped swell…nothing was quite as good as it was supposed to be. However I still managed to come away with some decent shots. Marine St. was plenty heavy and some of the spongers out there were on it, pulling in to some heaving monsters…I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

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Just sharing more of my archived shots…this was from this summer in La Jolla. I like shooting these types of aerials – 4 shots.

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Shot out at Blacks yesterday with Benny and MacKenzie. Conditions were insane…to bad the waves didn’t cooperate very well. I still managed to get a few decent shots.

There is a vacant lot at the top of the hoach with some amazing views…I love to trespass!

The composition is a little off but I love the colors.

Benny coming down the line.

Just before the barrel on the inside.

This is what I was really after, those cliffs act like a big reflector and make the waves do some insane things with the light. Although I need a surfer in this barrel and some cleaner water, too much seaweed, but I’ll be back for more.

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35mm days revisited

I dug up these two shots that I have from back when it was all film…

This is Santa Cruz…Steamer Lane – Middle Peak. This was the day of the 2006 Mavericks Big Wave competition, the whole coast was going bonkers…I got this one just as the sun was going down.

Another Nor Cal spot, San Francisco – Pacific Beach. I almost died surfing this day…Not enough foam on my 6’4″ to scratch in on these monsters, only a 3/2 wetsuit, double wave hold down…beautiful spot though.

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