Last evening I decided to forgo the housing and actually shot from shore. It was airs and tubes all session long. John Haffey (see this months Surfer guest editor Joel Tudor) showed up and I got some slow shutter shots of him and his amazingly smooth style, seriously, so inspiring. Whether you longboard or not, it is so evident that he oozes style. Enjoy!

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Wednesday Part II

After an insane morning of barrels (see previous post!!!), I took care of business and went to my only class of the day…but I did manage to pull in a few shots later in the day just as the sun was going down over La Jolla.

I’m still working on nailing one of these shots…this one came out alright though.

I love the purity of the surfing experience. Until the next set rolls through, I leave you with this one that reminds me what wave riding is all about.

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Good Morning!

SD “secret” spot…It was so good!

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If you are like me, you were a little bit disappointed by the over hyped swell…nothing was quite as good as it was supposed to be. However I still managed to come away with some decent shots. Marine St. was plenty heavy and some of the spongers out there were on it, pulling in to some heaving monsters…I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

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Just sharing more of my archived shots…this was from this summer in La Jolla. I like shooting these types of aerials – 4 shots.

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Shot out at Blacks yesterday with Benny and MacKenzie. Conditions were insane…to bad the waves didn’t cooperate very well. I still managed to get a few decent shots.

There is a vacant lot at the top of the hoach with some amazing views…I love to trespass!

The composition is a little off but I love the colors.

Benny coming down the line.

Just before the barrel on the inside.

This is what I was really after, those cliffs act like a big reflector and make the waves do some insane things with the light. Although I need a surfer in this barrel and some cleaner water, too much seaweed, but I’ll be back for more.

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35mm days revisited

I dug up these two shots that I have from back when it was all film…

This is Santa Cruz…Steamer Lane – Middle Peak. This was the day of the 2006 Mavericks Big Wave competition, the whole coast was going bonkers…I got this one just as the sun was going down.

Another Nor Cal spot, San Francisco – Pacific Beach. I almost died surfing this day…Not enough foam on my 6’4″ to scratch in on these monsters, only a 3/2 wetsuit, double wave hold down…beautiful spot though.

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