Valentine’s and Washington’s

I don’t have too much to say…I am exhausted from swimming three sessions in two days and dodging 10-12 foot waves. So here is the deal, the gallery to purchase pictures is available by clicking here or by the BUY PRINTS tab at the top of the page. This post has my top 30 pics from the sessions so even if you don’t see your mug here, it is most likely in the gallery for purchase and viewing so be sure to check them all out (almost 200 of them)!

Jimmy, this is one of my all time favorite barrel shots I have taken! Great wave man!

Jaded locals…

Where’s Wardo?…

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Epic Weekend!

COMING SOON! This weekend has been insane…tomorrow I will post some of my favorite shots + a gallery of purchasable images from all the sessions with all the pictures. Check back at 2pm tomorrow…but enjoy the preview!


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New Waves Portfolio

I am happy to let you know that I have updated my Waves Portfolio and prints are now available by clicking here! These are my absolute favorite shots of mostly empty waves that I have shot over the last year in Mexico, Hawaii, and California. They would look great anywhere (try the metallic finish – it is incredible!)! Keep checking back this weekend as the forecasts are predicting another (and probably last) monster swell!

Shot like this are now available in sizes up to 24×36!

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